The Jeweled Crescent

Antique Enamel Portrait Articulated Pendant Necklace of Pastoral Boy and Girl in 14k Yellow Gold

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This one of a kind treasure is exquisite in detail and craftsmanship. The necklace features an antique pendant with two enamel portraits. The top, under a frame of oak leaves in carved gold, is of a young man in costume, probably northern European. He wears a brilliant yellow hat with a red sash, a blue scarf and a colorful set and shirt ensemble. The portrait of the young man measures 7/16" by just over 5/16". He is fixed inside of his surrounding bezel and frame. Dangling with a lyre motif on top is a teardrop shaped portrait of a young woman. The young woman dangles inside of her frame. She wears a lovely turquoise hat and has a plum purple dress on with a green bodice. The bottom of the frame of her pendant is also enhanced with engraved gold oak leaves. The condition of the enamel is excellent. On the portrait of the young man there are a couple of natural bubbles (not chips) which are original to the piece. On the young woman there are no spots but there are two loupe visible hairline cracks in the enamel at the very two of the pendant. The necklace is crafted in 14k and measures 20" in length. The 14k pendant itself measures 2 7/8" and is 7/8" across the widest portion at the base. This exquisite piece is truly one of a kind and an heirloom to be treasured.