The Jeweled Crescent

Antique Victorian Taille d'épargne Seed Pearl Drop Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold

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These lovely curvaceous earrings have quite a background.  They came to us from the son of a man who did a lot of scuba diving on the Oregon coast.  Apparently he had located a place at the end of a pier where there was a bar during Victorian times.  Along with lots of other jewelry, most brooches and single earrings, we found and tested this pair.  They needed a touch of refurbishment and here we are today to bring them back to life again!  The earrings measure 1" in length including the hook.  They are just over 1/2" across.  They are crafted in 14k rosy yellow gold with taille d'epargne black enamel tracery and weigh 2.18g.