The Jeweled Crescent

Blue Chalcedony Agate and Onyx Double Cameo Men's Ring in 10k Yellow Gold

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This handsome piece is a study in meticulous carving and interesting materials.  The stone itself is natural and is naturally layered- black onyx on the base, white onyx and the top layer is blue chalcedony.  The stones naturally grow in this combination and the result is stunning for cameos. This particular piece features a Roman Centurion in front and another slightly behind him.  The double cameo measures 19.43 x 13.51mm.  There is a teeny chip on the nose of the white onyx cameo but the piece overall is in great shape.  It is crafted in 10k and weighs 6.46g.  The ring is currently a size 9 and can be resized before shipment for a fee, please ask for a quote in your size before placing your order.