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13 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Engagement Ring Style

13 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Engagement Ring Style

It’s a new era: there are no rules anymore about what gemstones or styles ‘count’ as an engagement ring. There’s no need to worry about what it should look like, how much it should cost, or who should select it and pay for it. Should is out the window.

Do you love colored stones? Do it, they’re gorgeous.

Are you bored with traditional rings? Go for the style you like. A cushion cut ring shows off the glittering feature stone, and a pear cut gemstone has a vintage glamour.

Do you like how an asymmetrical setting looks? Vintage ’toi et moi’ styles with two focal stones might be your thing.

Much like choosing a wedding dress, you don’t always know what type of engagement ring you’ll fall in love with until you see it in person and try it on — and you should never rush into a decision.

Here are 13 tips for finding the perfect engagement ring for YOU:

  1. Don’t be surprised if the rings you loved on Pinterest don’t have the same allure when you meet them in person. Pins are just marketing, they’ll always be presented in a captivating way. Get inspiration, but don’t get sold on a ring before you’ve met it.

  2. Try on all the shapes, even the ones you thought you would hate. Seeing them on your hand is a different experience entirely. You’ll likely be very surprised about what actually looks good on you.

  3. Listen to your gut and pay attention to the rings your eyes keep coming back to. Letting go of expectations is key - your ring will be unique to YOU.

  4. Never try to convince yourself you love something just because someone else does. First of all, they don’t have to wear it. Second, the ring is a reminder of your commitment - selecting a ring based on someone else’s preferences can impact how positive of a reminder it is.

  5. Know that the process is different for each person - feel free to take extra time to make a decision.

  6. Choose the size, shape and metal that works for your day-to-day life and style. You should feel comfortable wearing this ring every day of the week - and year.

  7. Let the beauty be in the eye of the beholder. A traditional big-box jewelry store is going to attempt to upsell you on the high clarity diamonds, but perfect clarity can’t even be detected by the naked eye! Clarity doesn’t impact how much sparkle a diamond has, so don’t worry about lower clarity if your heart is set on a natural diamond.

  8. Consider the setting. A thicker setting allows for a more comfortable fit (and therefore a ring that doesn’t move around a lot. A thinner setting allows for future stacking of wedding and engagement bands (with an added bonus of making the stone look bigger).

  9. Check out diamond alternatives. More data is coming out that diamond alternatives have a nearly identical composition, and ethical buyers are choosing more alternatives without losing the look they love.

  10. Don’t believe the outdated rules of how much to spend on a ring. The number was made up by De Beers about a hundred years ago, and have no bearing within today’s economic situation. It was just a way get men to spend more money, because they didn’t know any better.

  11. Forget what you think you know about who should pay for the ring! Some couples share the expense, others create custom rings with a trusted jeweler using family heirlooms. Talk about this, and determine what is most comfortable for you and your partner.

  12. Shop for a ring together. Sure, the big surprise proposal is great for tv, but there’s a lot to be said for eliminating the worry that you’ll give or receive a ring that is not quite what was desired.

  13. Remember, almost everything can be modified! If you find a stone you’re in love with but you don’t love the setting, it can be changed far easier than you might think. Talk with a trusted jeweler (click here to make an appointment for a consultation!) about what that process entails. It’s a lot less expensive than you realize to get the perfect ring for YOU.
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