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5 Ways to Avoid Having Your Proposal Go Wrong

5 Ways to Avoid Having Your Proposal Go Wrong

All too often that perfectly planned proposal can go seriously wrong. That's because sometimes we get so excited about the details and ways we want to pop the question that we forget our common sense. There are five ways that you can avoid having your proposal go wrong, and below are some great tips on how to perfectly play in your proposal no matter where you want to pop the question.

When traveling, do not put the ring in your checked luggage. Checked luggage can often get lost or stolen. That also includes the contents in the bags. You never know what happens to your bag when it's out of sight. Instead, you should put the ring in your carry-on luggage.

When it comes to your proposal itself, if you are even the slightest bit nervous don't propose on the beach. If you propose on the beach and you are nervous, you could drop the ring and completely lose it in the sand. Maybe propose at dinner and then take engagement photos on the beach which will still give you that beautiful beat proposal while she's wearing the ring.

When you propose, you should avoid overly crowded areas. In a crowd, anything can happen, because people are unpredictable and the ring could get bumped out of your hand or taken by a pickpocket who is passing by. This is a likely scenario in European countries where pickpockets are still a prevalent thing!

When it comes to planning your proposal, you should propose in a place where it is completely stable for you to kneel down or not lose your footing. For instance, a boat could get knocked by a wave and cause you to lose the ring. If you were going to be adventurous with your proposal, you should propose after the activity when you are back on solid ground.

Last but certainly not least, never put the engagement ring in food. Not only could the ring get lost by the kitchen staff at a restaurant, but your soon-to-be bride could also be choked if they eat the ring. Try to avoid a trip to the emergency room by coming up with a more creative way to ask for a hand in marriage when proposing over a romantic meal.

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