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Historical Jewelry Is Making A Massive Comeback

Historical Jewelry Is Making A Massive Comeback

Jewelry from yesteryear often gets a facelift when it comes to things that make a massive comeback.

This year is no different thanks to the recent royal wedding, jewelry is getting a facelift with some historical sculpted images. Think Medieval Times inspired religious cameos meets all that glitters.

Cameos are have long since been a royal tradition in jewelry dating back to the Cameo Tiara Josephine wore that was a gift from Napoleon. Cameos are often seen today as the classical portrait of a lady and can be seen worn often by none other than Queen Elizabeth II.

Recently, Dolce and Gabbana jumped on the bandwagon with their Alta Gioielleria collection boasting of 32 one-of-a-kind pieces, handcrafted to be presented this spring by the Italian house in New York.

Cameos are classic, gorgeous and just what you should be wearing to accessorize your favorite outfits! Below are some of our absolute favorites.

The Classic Vintage Cameo Pendant

We really do adore this Classic Vintage Cameo Pendant  that features the profile a a woman intricately carved into shell. Bezel set in gold backing, the surrounding 14 karat gold filigree that mimics little hearts, this pendant is absolutely stunning. Wear it pinned on the lapel or to a gorgeous scarf to really accent any outfit.

Victorian Coral Cameo Ring

This Victorian Cameo Ring in Coral Really adds a touch of color to any outfit. The piece features are carved Coral Cameo of a lovely young woman with her hair in curls.

The Vintage Cameo Ring

Set in 14 karat yellow gold, this Cameo ring is crafted with Romany style. Very much like the mysterious past of the Romany, the Vintage Cameo Ring is detailed with twisted rope and absolutely adorable.

The Cameo Pendant Brooch

The reason we absolutely adore this Cameo Pendant Brooch is because of the fact that the intricate and elegant 18 karat gold bail of dependent can flip up and be used on a chain or we push down and worn as a brooch.


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