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Rare Rubies: Just The Best For July Babies

Rare Rubies: Just The Best For July Babies

Large 6.00ctw Ruby Cocktail Ring With Diamond Accents

Get red hot with your jewelry this summer and gift July babies something to talk about with rubies. You’ll put a very happy smile on any July baby’s face when you gift them their birthstone. One of the most highly prized gems, the ruby is nothing but the best when it comes to July babies.

Ruby Heart Pendant with White and Yellow Gold

Why Is The Ruby Held In Such High Regard?

For one, large rubies are harder to find than diamonds. Historically the ruby has always been seen as a crown gem. The gem of passion, they represent strength, integrity, courage, and confidence. Wearing a ruby has been often thought to bring luck, health and wisdom. In Sanskrit ruby means 'ratnaraj' and translates as “king of gemstones”, which is why they have long been considered a very valuable, if not the most valuable, of gemstones.

Vintage Floral Ruby Ring

In the Middle Ages, the ruby was often the wedding stone of choice and was predominantly the engagement stone of choice up and through the Renaissance era. The ruby was often thought to promote passion in the relationship keep love lasting long through the years of marriage. While it is traditionally the gem of choice for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary the ruby is also said to bring loads of luck to those who wear one on their left hand.

Vintage Ruby and Diamond Band

According to the International Gem Society, “ Fine quality rubies are some of the most expensive gems, with record prices over $100,000 per carat. Accurately grading rubies requires knowing a great deal about them, and there is a great deal to know about them. Synthetic ruby can be created by several different methods, including flame fusion, the Czochralski process, flux, and hydrothermal. Rubies are also subjected to more treatments than almost any other gem.” That’s why most rubies are often priced by color.

Natural Ruby and Diamond Stack Ring

The closer this gorgeous red gem is to vivid red or a purple red - the higher the price and value. Rubies are quite rare in a large size and a quality, cut 4 carat ruby will often go for more than a 4 carat diamond. Durable in nature, this gorgeous gem really sparkles when set in white gold or silver and makes one beautiful gift for a July baby.

Gorgeous Carved Elephant Pendant with Ruby

Ruby earrings and rings can often be found accented with diamonds and can be found in beautiful vintage settings. Rubies are best cleaned with a toothbrush and mild dish soap when you want to return their luster and shine.

Vintage Art Nouveau Key Pendant With Ruby Accent
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