The Jeweled Crescent

Antique 32 Order Rose Croix Freemason Masonic Scottish Rite Enamel Fob in 14k Yellow Gold

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The craftsmanship of this piece is only complimented by its importance.  The front side features a Jerusalem cross in reddish orange enamel, with the double headed eagle and 32 on the top.  There is a phrase at the base of the eagle which is hard to read due to enamel loss.  The reverse shows the compass with a pelican  at its base and an enamel cross with a white rose and INRI at the base.  The sides of the cross are engraved and the name is visible as "Emil Enna".  The final digit on the other side (the date) is not quite legible.  It says MCH 25th 0?.  Despite the engraving wear the piece is in great condition.  The fob/pendant measures just over 1  1/2" in length including the bail and it is just under 1 1/8" in width.  The piece is crafted in 14k (acid tested) and weighs 22.44g.  The chain is not included.