The Jeweled Crescent

Antique Victorian Engraved Square Picture Locket in 14k Rose Gold and Platinum

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This little locket feels so good to the touch- the locket is crafted of 14k rose gold and has a platinum overlay on the back on a diagonal plane.  The front part of the locket is engraved with the letters ER and is intentionally slightly concave in its center- it is crafted this way, not dented.  The locket opens from the bottom up to reveal a framed box (no glass) for holding a picture or other sentimental momento.  The locket is heavy, weighing 8.13g.  It measures 3/4" across in width and is 1 1/8" in height including the bail. We think this is a particularly precious piece due to the square shape, the unusual platinum overlay and the nature of it's curved front.