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Carved Orange to White Jade Jadeite Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold

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This mysterious piece is full of fun figures and some we don't recognize as well!  On the front facing side we see a carved smiling man, holding a flower whose vines curl underneath him.  On his right hand side we see scales like a fish or perhaps like a palm tree?  On the reverse side we also see the fish firming the back of his hand holding something.  The carving is nicely done and the piece has a lovely heavy, cold feeling.  Scattered ringers create the 14k bail atop the piece.  The pendant measures just over 2 1/8" in length including the bail and it is 1 1/8" across at the base, narrowing slightly towards the top.  The pendant is stamped 585 (14k) at the top of the bail and it weighs 21.65g.  The chain is not included.