The Jeweled Crescent

Exquisite French Victorian Picture Locket with Turquoise and Pearl in 18k Yellow Gold

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One of the best lockets we've had, this one is fantastically crafted and beautiful. The locket features a pearl center atop an engraved and pierced oval motif, surrounded by multiple layers of bezel. The turquoise is the most impressive, hand cut and notched to fit precisely, even on the bail. The back of the locket includes a removable frame with glass that can hold a photo or small momento and the frame pops back into place. The locket features a French hallmark on the back of the bail and is crafted in 18k, weighing 17.16g. Including the bail the locket measures 2 3/8" in length and is 1 1/8" across in width. The chain is illustrative and not included.