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What to Wear Right Now: Jewelry of the Moment

What to Wear Right Now: Jewelry of the Moment

Jewelry styles come and go, but some are totally classy and timeless. So, what should you be wearing? Below are some genuinely amazing pieces that will have you accessorizing like a pro!

Get All Choked Up

Gorgeous chokers from the 80’s are more of a statement piece than the ribbon chokers and leather numbers that were all the rage last year. From fine wire chokers to chunky chain links, these are a great way to get heavy with your favorite metals. We love this fun diamond and white gold choker that is comfortable to wear and classy with anything.

Elizabeth Taylor Inspired Pieces

This woman, she was all about the jewelry and boy did she sparkle. Take a cue from the icon herself when it come to making anything in your wardrobe stand out. Diamond and emerald pendants can really make your face pop, no matter what color you are wearing. Just be sure to go big or go home when it comes to following in the jeweled footsteps of Elizabeth Taylor.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

The classic diamond pendant necklace with a T-shirt really says, “I’m fabulous.” You can go all out on a necklace like this without breaking the bank. This is a great way to make a statement even in jeans and a sport jacket. It falls delicately below the hollow of the throat, and yet clears the collar on a basic tee shirt. It's really a piece you won't want to take off.

Off The Cuff

Cuff bracelets are all the rage when it comes to dressing up your latest trends. We think this vintage Moroccan sterling silver cuff is an excellent example of the pretty handiwork. What do you think?

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